catfishbluesThis time we are with LA BIG DADDY’S , the Los Angeles band with rear wheel drive and variable trim. Lead bassist Matt Bragg and drummer David E. Jackson, who exhibit their musical point of view on the album ‘ Rock Your Blues Away‘. The City of Angels group preaches the lessons of the old school, modeled on the lines of Bobby “Blue” Bland, ZZ Hill and Johnnie Taylor. At the vocal parts alternate champions like Ernie Johnson, Kee Eso Pitchford, Adrian Meyers or Dwayne Watkins, called “The guitar of the Holy Spirit”. It is a blues that follows a high cholesterol diet of soul and funk, explicitly addressed to new generations of listeners. And in particular, say Bragg and Jackson, to African Americans who have remained insensitive to the temptations of sounds autogenerated by software – what is sparsely called “Trap & B”.

Appointment as always set for 21.00 on Thursday evening until 22.30. By the great  Edoardo Fassio